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"I didn't make any mistakes. I just know a thousand ways not to make a light bulb." ~ Thomas Edison

What people say...

Stephanie Jones, LPCS
“Delaine builds rapport easily with clients and has the clinical skills to guide clients to set and reach goals that have a positive impact on their lives. She is passionate about her work and goes the extra mile to continually improve clinical skills through additional professional certifications. Delaine would be an asset to any clinical team."
Aimee Herring, Ph.D., LPC
“I had the privilege of mentoring Delaine. She was highly motivated and creative. Delaine also had a strong work ethic. She will be a great asset to any organization she works for and to the people she serves.”
Mark J Geiger, Volunteer Director
“I've worked with Delaine at and can attest to her clinical skills, as I observed her working with clients.  Delaine demonstrated great insight, empathy, and had a wonderful “toolbox” of ideas to pull from; therefore I would recommend her to anyone needing to work with her as a counselor or on a clinical basis.”
Darlene Tate, LPC
“Delaine Taylor was an effective, efficient, and empathetic social worker for aiding pregnant & parenting teens. Her counseling methods and up-to-date knowledge of laws & regulations proved to be very successful for her students.”
Melanie Lindsay, LMSW
“Delaine is an extremely professional leader with the ability to effectively communicate and empathetically manage patients and clients in a therapeutic setting. She is organized and detail oriented while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. Delaine proves insightful and intelligent in her daily interactions with clients and she is easily able to establish rapport and appropriate professional boundaries. Delaine implements a variety of tools, techniques and empirically supported interventions in her professional endeavors and bases her therapeutic approach on the individual needs of the person to whom she is providing service. Delaine is pragmatic and intelligent in her social work practice and well versed at maintaining an empathetic, helping relationship with others. She is dignified and shows integrity through her daily choices and interactions.”
Walt Mercer, Ph.D.
“I have known Delaine for 7 years. In all my interactions with her, she has proved to be highly motivated and committed to her profession. Delaine displayed an exceptional level of motivation, initiative, and maturity. She demonstrated excellent skills in her ability to work with others on an interdisciplinary team. Delaine is a focused and dedicated clinician who brought great depth and insight to her therapy. She engaged well with her patients and handled complex cases with ease. In individual, group, and family psychotherapy, Delaine was adept in conceptualizing patient difficulties and developing appropriate treatment goals. Delaine is cordial and has a welcoming way about herself. She is a person of integrity who truly respects others regardless of the setting. Delaine is an intelligent and responsible self-starter. I can, without hesitation or qualification, recommend Delaine for any position she pursues. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”
Tara Ayala, LCSW
“Delaine is a great mentor and supervisor for students to learn under. She modeled correct therapeutic practices with children and young adults with severe mental health diagnoses. Through working with Delaine I learned how to create and utilize psychosocial assessments, especially when making recommendations with interdisciplinary team members. She taught me how to create plans for social skills group for children with ranging cognitive/behavioral impairments. She is a very professional and compassionate social worker.”

*Note Regarding Testimonials

My professional association, National Association of Social Workers, prohibits the solicitation of testimonials from clients. NASW Code of Ethics, 1996, Revised 2008, 4.07b:

Social workers should not engage in solicitation of testimonial endorsements (including solicitation of consent to use a client’s prior statement as a testimonial endorsement) from current clients or from other people who, because of their particular circumstances, are vulnerable to undue influence.

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